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Curtin Consultancy Services

Curtin Consultancy Services (CCS) was established in 1971 to allow industry and government both in Australia and internationally the opportunity to work with Australia's finest University of Technology.

Be it a routine testing requirement, contract research and development, the provision of long term consulting expertise or professional development training, CCS will give you access to almost 2000 professional staff.

CCS is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Curtin University of Technology. The company facilitates the commercial interaction between Curtin University and external clients by providing services in areas of business that include:

Accident Investigation — Expert Opinion


Curtin Consultancy Services are utilised by industry for a range of issues by any number of clients. Some of these issues include accident investigation and resultant expert opinion.

CCS contracted Ringshaw Consulting to investigate an accident that occurred some 5 years earlier, as the case was about to be heard and there were issues that were still unresolved. Neil was required to give expert testimony on behalf of the plaintiff.


Ringshaw Consulting liaised with the plaintiff and the plaintiff's lawyers, the defendant's lawyers and utilised the Internet to access other pertinent information.

The manufacturer of equipment involved in the accident were contacted and other third parties were interviewed. As a result of the investigation and evidence gathered Neil Ringshaw provided expert testimonial and recommendations to CCS.