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Jani-King (Australia) Pty Ltd

The World`s Number 1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise Jani-King, founded in the USA in 1969.

Today, there are more than 7,000 Jani-King franchise owners spanning Australia, the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey and Spain.

Jani-King's Australian operations were founded in February 1993, in Perth, Western Australia and today cover all states and the Northern Territory. Jani-King Australia's success has resulted in the franchise being the only one in the world to enter the Jani-King Platinum Club based on spectacular growth outside of the USA. In 1998, Jani-King Australia expanded its operations into Auckland and New Zealand, and also into Argentina.

Worksafe Plan Assessment


The Western Australia Regional Manager of Jani-King WA Pty Ltd was committed to a process of continuous improvement of their operations in the Western Australian Region and wanted to identify where they stood in relation to their legal compliance to occupational safety and health and other legislative requirements so he contacted Ringshaw Consulting with a view to identify the process required to obtain a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement.

As an accredited WorkSafe Plan Assessor, Neil Ringshaw explained to Jani-King's senior management that the WorkSafe Plan is an assessment process that rates OSH management systems and directs attention to areas that could be improved. Organisations achieving recognised standards under the WorkSafe Plan join a select group of organisations that have been awarded a WorkSafe Plan Gold or Silver Certificate of Achievement.

This consultation resulted in Jani-King deciding to participate in a WorkSafe Plan Assessment.

As a result of the assessment several issues were identified in relation to the business of franchising and the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor which ultimately resulted in Jani-King requesting a Safety Management System be developed and implemented.


Initially Ringshaw Consulting conducted an assessment utilising the WorkSafe Plan. Based upon the outcomes of the assessment, recommendations were made to Jani-King addressing various areas of improvement required. Ultimately through discussion with the Jani-King Australia Pty Ltd owner and the Jani-King (WA) Pty Ltd Regional Manager, it was decided to develop a Safety Management System. This would allow Jani-King to demonstrate there continuous improvement and fulfill the criteria to be awarded a WorkSafe Plan Gold Certificate of Achievement and demonstrate a commitment to both their Clients and Franchise owners by documenting their OSHE systems and procedures.

Neil visited several of the Jani-King Franchise Owner's workplaces to consulted with them and their employees, the Jani-King Franchisee Advisory Board was involved in the consultative process and the Jani-King Franchise Operations Manuals were reviewed. Because Jani-King is an international organisation that utilises a standardised training system incorporating training and operational manuals, videos, etc. It was agreed not to modify existing manuals but to compliment them by developing the OSHE Management Manual which would incorporate the Safety Management System.

Ringshaw Consulting developed a series of OSHE Policies and Procedures in conjunction with the Jani-King management to ensure consistency with their philosophies. An Accident Management Program, Hazard Identification and Control and Job Safety Analysis/Standard Operating Procedure Development program were designed and developed specifically to suit Jani-King's needs.

Once the programs were developed, specific Jani-King personnel and Franchise Owners were trained in the various procedures and processes. The Safety Management System has been documented and ratified by Jani-King Management and was integrated with their On-line Quality System.

Supervisor Training


Provide Supervisor training in Duty of Care Responsibilities, Hazard Identification and Control and Accident Management.


Ringshaw Consulting designed a series of training modules specific to Jani-King's needs and through consultation and cooperation between the relevant parties agreed to a series of training sessions to be conducted over a four week period to allow franchise owners and Jani-King management a flexible approach to the training time-frames.