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Normandy Murchinson Pty Ltd

Normandy Mining Limited was an internationally ranked and predominantly Australian-owned diversified mining company, active in mineral exploration, mine development, mining and mineral processing. It had major businesses in gold and industrial minerals and is a significant zinc concentrate producer. Sales revenue in the 1998-99 year totalled A$1.36 billion.

Line Management Training


The Big Bell Mine management required an series of line management training programmes.


Ringshaw Consulting, in consultation with the Safety Superintendent at Big Bell, designed a purpose built Supervisor course covering Six Modules:

The course was conducted over a three day period and consisted of both practical and theoretical components including case studies and a variety of group activities.

Site Specific Accident Investigation Course


The Big Bell Mine management requested the provision of a purpose built Accident Investigation Course.


Ringshaw Consulting liaised with the appropriate stakeholders and designed an Accident Investigation Course to suit the needs of Big Bell Operations. The outline was forwarded to the Safety Superintendent for review and feedback.

The course "Accident and Incident Investigation" was accepted and conducted on site.

Job Safety Analysis and Standard Operating Procedure Development


The Scuddles Mine required Job Safety Analysis and Safe/Standard Operating Procedure training for site personnel.


Ringshaw Consulting developed a "JSA and SOPs Development" course to suit the Golden Grove Operations criteria. A proposal was put up and a strategy agreed to by the stakeholders and commitment from the Resident Manager and appropriate Department Heads was agreed to ensure appropriate personnel would be made available as required for attendance at what was termed a "Safety Day Out".

The Safety Day Out was attended by each section of the mine over a period of days specifically allocated to them. All rosters and shifts were taken into consideration to allow all appropriate personnel (underground miners, mill personnel, etc.) to participate in their natural workgroups.

At the end of each course, the participants from each of the natural work groups had identified all of the jobs associated with their respective occupations. Identified the most hazardous of those jobs and completed a Job Safety Analysis specific to that job. Developed a Safe/Standard Job procedure as a result of the JSA and identified the Competencies required to perform that job.

Golden Grove's management were to then provide the resource to allow the remainder of the identified jobs to have JSA and SOPs conducted and appropriate documentation completed.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure


The Scuddles Mine Manager required the testing of their Emergency Evacuation Procedures.


Ringshaw Consulting in consultation and cooperation with the site Safety Superintendent, Resident Manager and Group Occupational Safety and Health Manager scoped the process.

It was agreed that a mock disaster should occur in the early morning to test existing procedures... consequently a transport company agreed to be involved in the process by delivering some "toxic chemicals" to site and creating a spill.

A total site Emergency Evacuation was conducted including the underground operations. A debrief was conducted by appropriate specialists brought to site by Ringshaw Consulting. Each of the departments were debriefed simultaneously and a complete site wide audit conducted to determine knowledge of process and chemical awareness. The entire process including sessions for feedback took one day/shift.

Over the next two days Neil Ringshaw facilitated the process of developing an appropriate Emergency Response Plan and Procedure with the Managers and Department Heads. As a result of the feedback and survey information several muster-points were designated and signposted, and other issues that were highlighted were addressed and actioned.

As part of the process, managers and safety specialists from other Normandy Sites were invited to observe the process. The District Inspector of Mines — Andrew W. Extract Bsc.(Min. Eng.),MSc.(Min.Econ), CpEng. was on site at the time and commended Ringshaw Consulting for the professionalism of the process and Golden Grove Operations Management on their proactive approach to safety.

Development of Emergency Procedures


The Scuddles Mine required the development of a functional Emergency Procedure.


Ringshaw Consulting presented the management team with a series of model procedures relating to Emergency Response. By reviewing the existing procedures and responding to the outcomes of the mock evacuation over two days were spent on reaching agreement by all stakeholders to the content and development of a Emergency Response and Evacuation Policy and Procedure.

Neil Ringshaw facilitated the process which involved reviewing existing process and procedure, documentation and practice.