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RaiseBore Australia Pty Ltd

RaiseBore Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned company with head office management, storage and workshop facility located in Adelaide. The company owns and operates a fleet of Raiseborers and has completed over 200 raiseboring projects throughout Australia and Internationally in Hong Kong.

The fleet of raiseborers provides the capability to conventionally raisebore holes from 0.66 metre to 4.5 metre in diameter and to lengths of 500 metres or more. Several of the smaller raiseborers also have the capacity to ream up-holes (box holes) and down-holes (blind reaming) to 0.66 metre and 1.06 metre diameter. This type of reaming is typically used for slot development in preparation for firing of stopes.

RaiseBore Australia Pty Ltd also operates a fleet of Toyota 4WD light vehicles suitably equipped for surface and underground operation in addition to an Elphinstone R2800 Loader, Caterpillar IT28G Forklift, Kubota R410 Forklifts and a myriad of pumping systems necessary for RaiseBoring Operations. The company holds an extensive inventory of spare parts, particularly the long lead items which are necessary to reduce machine downtime should major failures occur to the raiseborers.

Safety Management Plan Development


The Operations Superintendent for Raisebore Australia Pty Ltd contacted Ringshaw Consulting (based in Western Australia) late on a Thursday evening with an issue that required resolving, after consultation and agreement in principle to the scope of the project, the next evening Neil Ringshaw was in Adelaide (South Australia) to develop the framework for a Safety Management Plan.


Ringshaw Consulting worked collaboratively with Raisebore Australia's management and developed a Safety Management Plan over a 48 hour time frame.

Ringshaw Consulting had a series of "Model" Policies and Procedures that were adapted to suit Raisebore Australia's needs.

The Safety Management Plan (SMP) addressed the management of accident/incident prevention and control of loss of any kind during the carrying out of Raisebore Australia's activities associated with their customers and associated projects.

Proactive procedures were adopted, some of which were unique and therefore far reaching in their concepts.

The intent of the SMP is to steer energies and to assist the responsible personnel in achieving predetermined activities and goals, guidance notes were prepared to assist those who referred to and used the SMP.

The content of the Safety Management Plan included:

The SMP was documented and upon returning to our office a CD was produced with the final document completed and sent to Raisebore Australia Pty Ltd.

Raisebore Australia produce various versions of the SMP as part of their tendering process.