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Slimdrill Contracting Pty Ltd

Slimdrill Contracting Pty Ltd was formed by Slimdrill Pty Ltd the Inventor/Developer and Manufacturer of the Slimdrill HTA 3000 Drilling Rig and Segment Holdings AG, an affiliated company of RUC Mining Contracting Company Pty Ltd of South Africa.

Slimdrill Pty Ltd was formed in 1992. The company's expertise ranges from manufacture of it's flagship hybrid "HTA" Slimhole and Ultra Slimhole Drilling platforms, to providing a high speed continuous coring drilling technique, downsized conventional drilling, incorporating exploration drilling, workovers or snubbing operations.

Slimdrill has developed a Slimhole Drilling Rig and the related technologies to drill for oil and gas using a smaller than conventional size diameter drill string (pipe). A prototype developed by Slimdrill was the worlds first Hybrid Slimhole Drilling Rig to successfully drill a 1505m test well in the Canning Basin of Western Australia. The company has at this stage identified several applications for it's products.

Policy and Procedure Development for work-over Jack–Up–Rig


The oil, gas exploration and development industries, had for some time been searching for a system to exploit the extensive shallow water fields prevalent along the coast of Australia and countries to the North. The major milestones have been the successful completion and testing of the first prototype, which has proven the concept of Slimhole Drilling using the Hybrid purpose built Rig.

This result, was the culmination of an extensive research and development program that spanned approximately five years costing approximately $4,500,000 in research and development activities.

Apache Energy selected Slimdrill to design and build a Work–Over Rig for it's Stag project, a bold venture for the Stag Field situated 60km NW of Dampier WA. The project involved building a production platform and incorporating a highly customised Slimdrill Rig to provide the work–over mechanism for the project.

Slimdrill in turn contracted Ringshaw Consulting to develop a series of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Policies and associated workplace procedures for the assembly and disassembly of the new work–over jack–up–rig.


Ringshaw Consulting in consultation with Slimdrill's project team and oil industry experts determined the scope of work required, as this type of project had not been undertaken before.

Initially, a series of 19 Standards were recommended to the team, along with a number of Policies covering OSHE Commitment, Waste Management, Training, Communication and Consultation, etc.

A Job Safety Analysis process was utilised to prepare procedures for the building and assembly of the rig. 25 Procedures ranging from Clearance to Work through to Incident Management were developed, a Procedure Register that linked to a OSHE Standards Document Map and Hazard Registers were compiled and implemented.