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Wanslea Family Services

Wanslea was established in 1943 and provides three integrated services for emergency child care and family support. Wanslea Family Services offers a range of support services to families, including but not limited to:

Wanslea Family Services started caring for children of sick mothers in 1943, is an independent, charitable organisation and receives funding from government departments and donations. Wanslea employs professional staff with qualifications in social work, child care, nursing, teaching and experience with families. Carers are selected for their expertise and dedication to the quality and care of children. Wanslea's personnel works with families in their own homes as well as the homes of their carers.

Specific Services Provided by WANSLEA are —

Children's Services

Family Services

Placement Services

WANSLEA is charitable organisation and relies on donations, sponsorships, etc. to function...if you or your organisation is able to offer support please contact the CEO at Wanslea Family Services email:

Wanslea's office is located at: 110 Scarborough Beach Road, SCARBOROUGH WA 6019.

Phone: (08) 9245 2441 Facsimile: (08) 9245 2481.

EMERGENCIES: A Social Worker is always on call after hours (including weekends) and can be contacted through Wanslea's paging service on (08) 9480 9666.

Occupational Safety and Health Audit


A Board Member of Wanslea identified that whilst Wanslea was very focused on their client's needs they had little in the way of procedures focussing on their own employees and volunteers.


Ringshaw Consulting undertook a comprehensive safety audit to determine how well Wanslea was meeting it's occupational safety and health legislative responsibilities.

This audit required Neil Ringshaw to provide information to Wanslea personnel on the scope of the audit, as well as eliciting all relevant material pertinent to the audit. He had to learn about a different industry and ensure the staff and other personnel were comfortable and well informed about the audit process.

On completion of the audit a comprehensive strategy to address the outcomes of the audit was prepared, presented to and accepted by the board.

The recommendations were implemented by Wanslea over the following 6 months.

Ringshaw Consulting have since clarified and assisted with any Occupational Safety and Health issues that have been raised as well as offering lateral, cost effective solutions to Wanslea's information and training needs.

Neil has provided ongoing consultation and informal training to management and staff relating to occupational safety and health matters.

These services were provided at no cost to Wanslea Family Services.